Jody Graves is a performing artist, engaging public speaker, and sought-after master teacher. Her active career covers a broad array of offerings including concerts, master classes, retreats, workshops and lectures on living a beautiful and healthy artistic life. Each presentation is laced with poignant stories and humor, engaging the audience and participants in a rich collaborative experience.

Workshops & Public Speaking

Jody Graves is an experienced and engaging public speaker. In addition to her workshop schedule within the music field, she has had invitations to speak at various business and corporate conferences on topics such as artistic development in the workplace. Dr. Graves also serves as a guest homilist in various churches, giving talks on spirituality and living the authentic joy-filled life.

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Jody Graves offers interesting and entertaining concerts, with a broad array of repertoire. Her concerts include everything from Beethoven to Gershwin, and she is recognized for engaging audiences through her humor and anecdotes. One of her most popular requested concerts is titled Stories from the Bench with poignant life stories and funny routines from the piano. She has been referred by the press as “Victoria Borge”. She enjoys performances in any setting, and has offered concerts in places ranging from local churches to national concert halls. Contact her through this site to schedule a concert for your venue.

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Master Classes

Dr. Jody Graves has extensive experience as a Master Class clinician, both in the U.S. and abroad. Her approach in a master class setting is to invite all participants to feel welcome and appreciated, and believes that everyone brings something wonderful and unique to the gathering, thereby creating an experience that is uplifting and rejuvenating. Contact her through this site to arrange master classes for your students.

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