Current Engagements

Event Scheduling & Fees

To book concerts, workshops, studio residencies, lessons or master classes, please contact Jody Graves via phone or e-mail directly at:
509-954-6386 (mobile)
509-359-6119 (office)

Concerts, workshops and studio residencies require an ‘artist-venue’ contract. If you do not have one available, a contract can be generated through the artist for applicable fees, dates and event details.



Please note: ALL fees are negotiable. Budget concerns will always be addressed on an individual basis. Dr. Graves is committed to making concerts, lessons and related events available to all, regardless of financial constraints. We also provide creative ways to garner necessary fees within your community should that be applicable.


Basic Fee Schedule*

Private Lessons – $80.00-$100.00 per hour (Depending on level)

Career Consultation – $75.00 per hour
Master Classes – $125.00 per hour
Workshops/Clinics – $200.00 per hour
Public Lectures – $225.00 per hour
Solo Concert – $1000.00
Solo with Orchestra – $1200.00

Solo concert (evening) with following ‘all-day’ workshop (5 hours)/retreat for teachers:
– $1750 plus expenses.


* Where applicable, expenses such as travel and lodging will be added to the base fee, and included in the artist contract. A contract is requested for all events, and can be furnished if the hosting party does not have one available.