Current Engagements

Master Classes

Dr. Jody Graves has extensive experience as a Master Class clinician, both in the U.S. and abroad. Her approach in a master class setting is to invite all participants to feel welcome and appreciated, and believes that everyone brings something wonderful and unique to the gathering, thereby creating an experience that is uplifting and rejuvenating. Contact her through this site to arrange master classes for your students.


Teacher Master Classes

These special classes are offered for professional teachers, and specifically for private studio teachers. So often our wonderfully gifted studio teachers are overwhelmed with the busy schedules of teaching, and as a result, their own playing and practicing suffers. The teacher master classes are offered in such a way that teachers can bring music they are teaching, or music they have always wanted to learn, and try things out in an environment that is positive and encouraging. We all go the MTA meetings and arrange competitions and events for our students, but without nurturing the artist within, we lose something precious that deserves to be developed and celebrated! Contact me to arrange a master class series for your chapter or teaching group!