Current Engagements

Studio Residencies

Teaching is not just a passion – it is part of what I believe to be my mission. I enjoy working with students of all ages and levels, and am especially honored to work with teachers as they continue to deepen their own pedagogical skills. In my experience offering these studio residencies, it provides a positive refresher both for the teacher and their students. I come to you in your studio, and classes can be arranged in groups, or one-on-one. Choose and design whatever scenario best suits your professional needs.

One of the most significant days I schedule in my teaching year is a coaching session with Dr. Graves. She has been coming to my studio for years to tweak my students before MFNW. Once the students have experienced her, they wouldn’t miss the opportunity for the world. What continually amazes and delights me is that she “reads” the students so quickly and let’s them know she’s working with and for them. It makes no difference what level they are on. Amazing things unfold. She empowers. Parents are most grateful that I offer this in my studio.”

– Gloria Joireman, NCTM