Current Engagements

Workshop & Lecture Topics

Please note: All presentations include multi-media such as Powerpoint and/or video clips. All workshops include hand-outs.

*Special topics can be designed upon request.
**Several of the topics listed are appropriate for professionals in any field.
***All topics require a minimum of 1 ½ hours unless otherwise indicated.


Annotated Listing

Artist Retreat: This is a day-long retreat designed for musicians who desire time to refresh and deepen their commitment to the art. The day is designed around areas your group may need to discuss, and provides time for individual reflection and writing. It’s a time to celebrate and a time to explore ways to “re-charge the batteries” beyond the retreat. (*6 hours required)


Beyond the Right Notes! A session on the finesse of polishing a
composition stylistically. From a teacher who requested this topic: “I
can teach what’s written on the page, but after it’s memorized, the
secret to making Beethoven sound like Beethoven, making Bach sound like Bach is sometimes elusive.” Specific works are used for demonstration.


“Duo Piano Literature – Keep’em Playing When They Want to Quit!” Have you ever had a student after 5 years or so of lessons, and around the age of 12-14, they quit altogether? The reasons, we can name for sure… too many activities, not enough practice time, desire to play in the school band or orchestra, or just simply bored with the music or even feeling like they aren’t making “progress”. This sessions discusses how to change the curriculum altogether, put students together in piano duos, and refresh the approach to teaching and retaining students with this wonderful repertoire.


The Heart of Performance: The heart of performance is the ultimate pursuit of excellence within, and the ability to deliver that excellence in performance. It is a communion experience between the performer and the listener. The intersection of humanity that vibrates between both participants, joins hearts that beat with the anticipation of a transforming experience. The performer with an open heart, pours out their talent and intention, and the heart of the receiver is flooded with possibility and hope. This unique experience treats the wounded spirit, and advances us a few steps further into enlightenment and joyous living. What could be more noble? (*Minimum of 2 hours required)


How Will you Make a Living? A workshop designed for teachers who have pre-college students that might be considering a college major in music. Students would also benefit from this informative presentation on how to prepare for college, resources, career options, and even how to choose the right school and teacher.


Is There Life After Fur Elise? This workshop discusses and demonstrates fresh alternatives to over-done repertoire. The levels are geared toward intermediate and pre-college students.


The MacDowell Etudes: This workshop explores the delightful etudes Op. 39, and how they can be a wonderful pedagogical set of works for the early advanced student on character etudes that employ a specific technical and musical focus.


Make the Art of Your Work a Work of Art: This workshop is an intensive look into how we approach the art (work) we love, and how we are nurturing our own process on a daily basis. This is designed for teachers and professionals in any field. We have plenty of workshops and seminars on how to teach octaves, or phrasing, or another round of how to increase productivity in our business…..and those things are vital to our work, but we rarely take time to reflect on what we, as artistic, creative people are doing to refresh our own work-life. Discussion and specific exercises are included. (*Minimum of 2 ½ hours required)


Mastery Raises the Bar! The journey to mastery in anything has deep roots and resonance. This workshop presents the concepts of process, and how to monitor and celebrate process in our students on the way to a successful performance result. Discussions will highlight specific techniques to use in guiding students in their practice routines, and how to secure an understanding of the requirements necessary for sustaining and delivering musical skills and knowledge. Those who have remained on the long road of slow but steady work, deepening, and uncovering essences within the art can enjoy the fruits of the ‘process’ into mastery…with the ever-growing deeper understanding that ‘mastery’ of anything is a life-long commitment. (*Minimum of 2 hours required)


Musical Maneuvers – Technique Training for Pre-College Student: This workshop demonstrates and discusses the various aspects of healthy technique development. Specific issues are highlighted such as scales, arpeggios, octaves and trills. The primary focus is how to integrate the aural perception with the physical movement. If you can’t hear it…you can’t play it!


Over the Barline and Through the Notes: “How do I foster good practicing through the week between lessons?” This workshop highlights specific practice techniques, and clear ways on how to guide your students in successful and creative practicing. It’s about developing musicians of integrity in all aspects of training. A fun and productive approach to encouraging imagination and incentive for your students!
(*Minimum of 2 hours required)


Performance: Anxiety or Anticipation? A workshop on the issue of “nerves” and harnessing the power to produce consistent success on stage. Specific techniques are offered, and participation is encouraged. This works well if some attendees are willing to play or speak as part of the process.


Pre-College Chamber Music: This session discusses and highlights the ways that the studio teacher can incorporate chamber music and accompanying into the pre-college curriculum. Piano students in particular are entering college with limited or no collaborative experience, and yet this will be a major component in any serious pianists’ successful career. Specific teaching techniques are offered, along with ways to connect with the community in order to foster a positive and substantive experience. (*Minimum of 2 hours is requested)